For the Author

Order of publication

  1. The journal accepts research papers and research reviews, addressed to scientists, lecturers, physical education teachers, coaches, sports doctors, staff of preschool educational institutions, secondary special and higher educational institutions, students and to all those interested in physical education and sport issues.
  2. The content of research papers must comply with the following fields of science, according to the nomenclature of scientific specialties of scholars: 
Scientific specialties and branches of science included in the HAC list of the Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals:
  • Pedagogical Sciences (13.00.00):
  • 13.00.04 – Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, recreational and adaptive physical education (pedagogical sciences).
Scientific specialties and branches of science that are not included in the HAC list of the Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals:
  • Psychological Sciences (19.00.00), 
  • Physiology (03.03.01). 
The main sections of the journal: 
    1. Theory and methodology of sports training 
    2. Theory and methodology of physical education
    3. Theory and methodology of professional education 
    4. Theory and methodology of health improving and adaptive physical education 
    5. Physical education and mass sport
    6. Physiology
    7. General and applied psychology
    8. Pedagogy
    9. Sports terminology
    10. Analytical review
    11. Book reviews
  1. The authors of published papers are responsible for the accuracy of the mentioned facts, statistics, names and other information, as well as for the content of materials that are confidential. 
  2. Articles submitted for publication should comply with the requirements of the scientific style, actuality, the use of special scientific terminology and vocabulary. The publication of extended abstracts in English is available.
  3. Publication of the article is in accordance with the schedule of the coming out of the journal, which defines the dates of papers submission and their publication.

Terms of publications

  1. Postgraduate students do not pay fee for the publication of their papers. Postgraduate student status must be confirmed by a certificate on their studying at postgraduate course which must be signed by the authority and stamped. The article of a postgraduate student is considered to be an article in which a postgraduate student acts as the only author.
  2. Articles complied with requirements are accepted by e-mail
  3. When submitting a manuscript the author must provide: 

  • Students, bachelors, master’s degree students: a review by the scientific supervisor or by the leading expert in the relevant field of science signed by the authority and stamped.
  • Postgraduate students, postgraduate: a certificate on their studying at postgraduate course which must be signed by the authority and stamped.
  • Author(s) must provide a letter of referral from the organization where the actual work was done, with a permission to publish a scientific paper in the open publication.
  • Author(s) must submit an application in which they should indicate a specialty in which the paper is written. A specialty must comply with the nomenclature of specialties of researchers.
  • Information about the author(s):
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Patronymic
    • Academic degree
    • Academic title
    • Position (postgraduates should note the year and the form of education, the name of the department)
    • The official name of the place of work / study
    • Country, postal code, address of the institution
    • Contact phone 
    • E-mail (personal)
    • Title of the article
    • Postal code, country, address to send the journal - Abstract (one page) for publication in refereed journals. Page Setup: paper size - A4 (210 x 297 mm), page margins- top, left and right - 2 cm, bottom - 2.5 cm, font - Times New Roman (12 pt), indent - 1.25, one and a half line spacing. Making up order: the title, the author(s) name, the institution name, the abstract in Russian and in 2 lines it should be translated into English in the same sequence - Photo of the first author (portrait) of high quality in electronic form (JPEG or bmp)
  1. In order to recover the cost of printing services, the publications of copyright articles are made on a fee paid basis. The cost of the publications include such services as: article’s reviewing by the editorial board of the journal, editorial processing, layout of the journal’s printed version, its copying, posting on the journal's website, work on the registration of the next issue of the journal in LLC «Scientific Electronic Library» (RSCI), printed version of the journal – 1 exemplar and postal services expenses for its delivery. The cost of 1 page of the publication is 730 rubles, external review is 500 rubles for one article. Upon the decision of the Academic Council, KSUPEST staff can publish articles free of charge. The maximum number of co-authors is no more than 5.
  2. Payment for publication is carried out only after its acceptance for publication and is produced under account-agreement and receipt sent by editorial staff.
  3. Postal delivery is free.

Publication presentation

  1. Making publication - computer typesetting, editor -Word Windows, font -Times New Roman, size 14 pt, line spacing - 1.5; indent - 1.25; paper size - A4. Page margins: top, left and right - 2 cm, bottom - 2.5 cm. The size of the font in the table - 12 pt., line spacing - 1.0; maximum brevity of graph headers, it is not allowed reduction of words and values easily derived from available: the difference or per cents. Formula editor is Microsoft Equation Editor. Photos of good quality, illustrating the experiment - JPEG or bmp. Tables, charts, graphs, drawings, etc., illustrations (size 12 pt) should be numbered and titled. Pages must be numbered (below, right).
  2. Tables are presented in the format of Word. All tables in the text should be numbered and have titles, placed over a field of the table. A title should be placed above the table without a point at the end. A table should be placed after the passage of an article in which it is mentioned for the first time. Reference to the table in the text is obligatory and it should be up to the submission of the table itself. The caption label (Table 1) and the name of the table are located on the left, without indentation. Headings and subheadings of graphs should be named.
  3. The length of copyright material, which includes information about the author, abstract, keywords (in Russian and English), as well as notes and references, should be of not less than 7 pages and no more than 12.
  4. Making heading of an article.
    1. A code of UDC should be placed in the upper left corner.
    2. A title of an article in Russian (capital letters, Times New Roman, size 14 pt, bold) should be aligned center at the top of the page. 
    3. Full name of the author (s), academic degree, academic rank; position, place of work (if any) in Russian without any shortenings should be placed in 1 space line, align center. 
    4. Contact information for correspondence should be provided in Russian and placed in 1 space line (size 14 pt), align center. It includes code, country, city, address of the author(s) or the organization (s), and e-mail of the author(s). 
    5. An abstract (200-250 words, in Russian, size 14 pt, italics) should be placed in 1 space line in width. The abstract should relevance, goals, methods, results and conclusion  of the research.
    6. Key words (8-10 words, in Russian, size 14 pt, italics) should be placed in 1 space line in width. 
    7. The beginning of the main text of the article (size 14 nm) should be placed in 1 space line in width.  The article should be allocated sections in bold: the goals, methods, and results of the research.
  1. References should be put in square brackets, for example: [1, p. 10], where the first number indicates the number of the source in the reference list, and the second number after a comma indicates the number (s) of the page. Pages must be numbered.
  2. All papers cited in the text must be included in the alphabetical list of references at the end of the text. The average number of references in one article is 20. References are made in accordance with the following standards:
    1. GOST 7.1-2003 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic Description (General requirements and rules)." Date of introduction 2004-07-01.
    2. GOST 7.82-2001 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description of electronic resources (General requirements and rules)." Date of introduction 2002-07-01.
  3. After the list of references it should be given all information from items 4.2 - 4.6, in English, in 2 spaces line. 
Please note that the translation of the manuscript should always be done by a professional translator or native speakers who have the necessary competence. Automated translation is not allowed. Poor English makes it difficult for the editor and reviewers to understand your work and might lead to rejection of your paper or it can be sent back to the author to correct. 
  1. It should be placed a transliterated list of references after 1 space line.
Formatting Requirements of References are shown below. Examples of References.

Review procedure

All papers submitted for publication are reviewed. After receiving the manuscript editors make its initial screening and check its compliance with the topic and the formal requirements of the issue. If a manuscript complies with all necessary requirements it sends out for peer reviewing. The reviewer is selected from the members of the editorial board (internal review). The article also can be sent out to independent experts (external review). After peer reviewing the article may be rejected (with arguments), sent back to the author for revision, or accepted for publication. If the review contains a number of remarks, the author is sent the scanned copy of the review. The author should check, make all necessary modifications and return the article to the editor for the re-reviewing. The review processing and acceptance of the paper takes from 2 to 4 weeks; further papers are published in order of priority.
Editor staff accepts articles of students, bachelors, master’s degree students postgraduate, postgraduate only in the presence of the review certified by the scientific supervisor or leading specialist in the relevant field of science and stamped by the authority of the organization where they work. 
Papers that do not comply with the requirements will not be published.
Reprints are permissible only with the permission of the publisher with a link to the journal.

Paid advertising messages relevant to the topic of the journal are also accepted for publication.